150120 – mobility

Today we’re improving overhead position! Start with a good warm-up before you dive right in to these exercises, like the snatch warm-up or the other PVC warm ups we have done that specifically target your shoulders, so they don’t hate you.  Remember that you need to MOBILIZE before you can STABILIZE so this link to some stretches will help you get to a better overhead position in the shoulder (if you need a lacrosse ball like the one they use in the video they have them at all the sporting good stores in town or you can order one online of course!).  In addition to stretching if you’re already there then here is a link to some exercises to improve overhead mobility and shoulder stability, the stronger and more stable your shoulders are in that overhead position the stronger you will feel with weight overhead. These exercises don’t take long so if you get to class early or have some free time anywhere in your day start working on that OVERHEAD POSITION!!


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