Week 4 – Remember that we are working on the jerk portion of this exercise not the clean so get the bar up however you need to and then focus on the part where you put it over your head!

Clean + 2 Jerks

  • work up to 2 rep max

2 partner teams

Partner A: 3 mins to complete 2 rounds of

  • 15 American swings
  • 15 v-ups

Partner B: 3 mins to complete

  • 4 laps + ME wall balls
    • scale run as needed

The clock starts with both partners working at the same time, Partner A performs 2 rounds of the KB/core couplet, rests the remaining time of the 3 minutes and then will start on the run immediately. Partner B will start by running the prescribed distance and then perform as many wall balls as possible in the remaining time.  The run distance should take about 2 minutes at a fast pace with 45-60 seconds remaining to perform wall balls.  Switch partner stations every 3 minutes until the team accumulates 150 wall balls. 


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