150310 – recipe

I posted two articles last week so this week it’s two recipes. Actually it’s three, because today I’m posting a twofer!! Today is an entire meal not just one recipe! I know you’re excited so we will get right too it.

First we have an awesome split pea soup courtesy of Hillary. It is really easy and it’s a slow cooker, always a plus. You can find it here – Split Pea Soup. If you wanted to go vegetarian you could leave out the ham and use vegetable broth instead of chicken and I think it would still be pretty tasty, may want to add a few more carrots if you go that route though.  Also this website sometimes does maintenance and you can’t get to the page (which happened to me when I was shopping for the ingredients) so you may want to print it out or take a screen shot.

Second is the much anticipated Microwave Paleo Bread. You heard me it’s in the microwave and it’s bread, how awesome.  I think if you threw in some extra spices, like maybe garlic powder or something it would go very nicely with the soup as croutons and AMAZING for dipping.

So there you go, turn the slow cooker on in the morning and whip up some paleo bread while it’s finishing up for dinner BAM delicious dinner ready to go! Enjoy!!


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