10-15 minutes work on handstands

  • 5 minutes – Day two of handstand progressions. If Monday and Tuesday was missed refer here to get you started (video for starting progressions here). For the rest of you keep working on progressing to the next level shown in the original video (if you could do a box pike try to move up to the wall today, if you could get partially up the wall today try going a little further.)
  • 10 minutes – Our next progression up and our new skill for today is to work on handstand kick-ups – video for kick-ups here. If you are comfortable in the handstand from Monday/Tuesday then work to accumulate 10 handstands with a 0:10-0:15 hold
  • If you are not to the kick-ups yet then repeat Monday/Tuesday work to 2 cycles of 0:30 holds


5 rounds of:

  • 5 strict/banded pull-ups
  • 5 double KB strict shoulder press
  • 5 double KB windmills (per side)
  • 5 single KB snatch (per side)
  • 5 single KB GUSU (per side)

Cash out – 100 cleans (total any combination)


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