Warm-up/Pull-up Prescription

Warm-up and work through today’s prescribed pull-up program

First Pull-up Group

Week Exercise Sets Reps
2 Pulling Prep 3 8
Reverse Row Sit-Back 3 8
Negatives 6 1

More Pull-up Group

Wednesday 5 3/3/2/3/3

Olympic Lifting

We are going to work on overhead squat today – getting better at overhead squats will help your overhead shoulder stability as well as improve your snatch.  Either bring the bar out of a rack already in your back rack position or clean and press overhead to get to your back rack position before adjusting your hands (PLEASE DO NOT adjust your hands to a snatch grip with the bar over your head).

Overhead Squat

  • 12 min to work to 5RM


15 min AMRAP

  • 12 double KB deadlifts
  • 9 double KB cleans
  • 6 double KB shoulder to overhead
  • 2 laps

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