First Pull-up Group

Week Exercise Sets Reps
3 Pulling Prep 3 10
Reverse Row Sit-Back 4 6
Negatives 5 2

More Pull-up Group

Wednesday 5 5/4/3/4/5

Olympic Lifting

Overhead squats again today.  Remember either bring the bar out of a rack already in your back rack position or clean and press overhead to get to your back rack position before adjusting your hands (PLEASE DO NOT adjust your hands to a snatch grip with the bar over your head).

Overhead Squat

  • 3 sets of 5 @ 95% of the 5RM you found last week


KB Complex

  • Complex 1 (double kb’s)
    • 9 deadlifts
    • 6 swings
    • 3 cleans
  • 3 laps farmer’s walk with the double kb’s used for complex 1
  • Complex 2 (single kb)
    • 9 bent row
    • 6 press
    • 3 windmill

Complete 4 rounds of complex 1 before the farmer’s walk and then moving on to complex 2 for 4 rounds


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