122315 – Wednesday


PVC Push Press 3rx5s

PVC Split Jerk 3rx5s


  1. Power Jerk + Split Jerk (70% of best weight) (2+1)rx3s
  2. BB Push Press (75% of best weight) (5rx4s)

***Increase weight this week for Strength


“Deck” the Halls

Hearts = Pushups

Diamonds = Pullups

Spades = KB Thrusters

Clubs = MB GUSU

Flip one card over at a time and perform that exercise with the number on the card.

**You can include the jokers as well with an addition/alternative exercise.

Face cards = 10 reps

Aces = 11 reps

**Black Joker = 3 stairs with KB Rack hold

**Red Joker = 1,000m Row or 5 laps



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