123015 – Wednesday


PVC Push Press 3rx5s

PVC Split Jerk 3rx5s


1. BB Clean + Split Jerks (65% of best weight) 3rx2s
2. Front Squats (70% x 5r2s, 75% 5r2s, 80% x 4r)

***Increase weight this week for Strength


Partner “2016” – Perform a total of 2,016 reps of all exercises between the two partners

156 Wall Balls
156 Ambat Situps
612 Single Jump Rope
156 Pull ups
156 TRX Knee Tucks
156 Lunges/leg
156 HR Pushups
156 Goblet Squats
156 KB Russian Swings
156 Plank Jacks


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