012916 – Friday


PVC Hang Cleans 3rx5s

PVC Deadlift 3rx5s


BB Hang Clean (70% of best weight) 3rx4s

BB Deadlift (90% of best Clean weight) 4rx4s

***Focus on hip drive for Cleans

***Increase weight this week for Strength


Partner Workout – 4 Corners

Each corner has 2 different exercises – trainer decides

Both partners start in one corner of the track. Partner A performs exercise while partner B runs one lap. Once partner B returns, Partner A will run one lap while Partner B performs exercise until Partner A returns. Once exercise is completed by both partners together they will perform lunges to the next corner. Repeat same steps in the next corner. Once both partners have performed exercises, then together they will perform broad jumps to the next corner. Continue same steps until each corner has been reached/exercises performed 2 times.


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