030716 – Monday

The first week we only did pull-up progression for strength but now we are going to add Olympic lifts back into the mix.

How to Progress
Progressing is simple. Every week, make small advances to continually challenge the muscles. For the Segmented+Eccentric Pull-up, lower the starting height. For example, if you started at a height on a box with three 10lb plates, remove one plate the following week. For the TRX/Barbell Assisted Pull-up, lower the barbell rack height. If you are already as low as possible without your butt touching the floor, start adding weight to your lap in the form of plates or kettlebells. For the dead hang, just hold on longer. For the TRX rows, adjust your feet so your body angle is lower. Repeat this program as long as it takes to get a strict pull-up!


1. The Segment + Eccentric Pull-up 4sx5r (take 3-5 seconds to descend to a dead hang)
** Rest 90-120 seconds between sets

2. TRX/BB Assisted Pull-ups 3sx6r
** Rest 90-120 seconds between sets

3. BB Hang Snatches (70% of best weight) 3sx3r

4. BB OH Squats (focus on depth and not so much on weight) 3sx4r


Intervals – 30s work / 15s rest

•         Alternating KB Swings

•         TRX rollouts

•         HR push-ups

•         KB rack split squat L

•         KB rack split squat R

•         x 7 rounds



MB sit-up & Sit-out (each side)



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