04-06-16 Wednesday


  1. Ankle Mobility – keep foot flat on floor by maintaining the arch of the foot and keeping the heel down. Drive the knee forward toward a wall or box.
  2. Maximal Hip Spread – on hands and knees, spread knees out maximally. Sit back on the heels then come forward rocking back and forth while maintaining normal arch in the spine.
  3. Single Leg Maximal Hip Spread – on hands and knees, reach one left out maximally keeping inside of foot on the floor. Rock back and forth like previous stretch. Switch legs.
  4. Hip Scoops to Russian Baby Maker – in a high plank, jump both feet forward into a deep squat with one foot on each side of the hands. Actively pull the hips down and forward. Jump back into a high plank then repeat movement. Alternative: stand, reach down and touch toes, actively pull hips down and forward into a deep squat.

Please check the video for all the movements: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9vu81ltPE0


  1. BB Power Cleans (80% of best weight) 4sx3r
  2. BB Front Squats (80% of best weight) 4sx3r


Buy In: 4 Laps

10 min. EMOM

Even: 15 KB SDHP + 10 KB Pushups

Odd: 5 Burpee Box Jumps

Rest 3 min.

5 min. EMOM

15 GUSU + 15 Russian twist/side

Cash out: 4 Laps




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