05-02-16 Monday


The next 4 weeks we will be doing progressions to do a proper handstand.

5-10 minutes working on wall walks

Wall walk to a handstand with your chest against the wall. Keep a hollow body position and scale it to where you can keep that position sustained. Belly stays tight, toes pointed against the wall, elbows and shoulders locked out. Walk back down after completing the full handstand position for 10-15 seconds.

Please watch this video to see the movements that we will be starting with. http://gymnasticswod.com/content/handstand-against-wall-progression-pt1.


  1. BB Snatch High Pull (80% of best weight) 4sx4r
  2. BB Snatch Balance (60% of best weight) 4sx3r


T2B x10

KB Thrusters x20

MB Slams x30

V-ups x40

Squat Jacks x50

Plank Jacks x50

Wtd. Hip Thrusts x40


TRX Pullups x20

TRX Power Pulls x10


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