05-16-16 Monday

Skill: Handstand Forward Roll

Handstand Forward Roll from the wall. Good skill to learn to use if you need to bail out of the handstand. Walk up into a handstand with chest against the wall. Once in full handstand go into a pushup position, tuck you head/chin to chest then roll onto upper back and forward. 5-10 minutes.

Please watch the video to get a better idea of the movement.

Also watch this video if you just want to work on the forward roll without performing the handstand.


  1. BB Snatches (75% of best weight) 4sx3r
  2. BB Snatch Pulls (80% of best weight) 4sx4r


4 Laps

T2B x 10

Squat Jumps x10

KB American Swings x10

3 Laps

T2B x15

Squat Jumps x15

KB American Swings x15

2 Laps

T2B x20

Squat Jumps x20

KB American Swings x20

1 Lap

T2B x25

Squat Jumps x25

KB American Swings x25


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