05-27-16 Friday

Skill: Handstand kickup

Work on kicking up into a handstand now without using the wall. Nice straight body position with arms above the head. Take a big step out about body lengths plus your arms onto your hands and kick up with back foot into a handstand. Can try against the wall at first then try freely on the track area. 5-10 minutes.

Please watch this video for the movements.


1. BB Front Squats (80% of best weight) 4sx3r

2. BB Push Press (70% of best weight) 4sx3r


Partner Workout
Perform 3 Rounds before moving onto the next couplet of exercises
A: 3 KB Stairs – down & up equals 1
B: Single Jump Rope
A: 15 Wall Balls
B: Low Plank Birddogs
A: 15 KB Suitecase DL
B: Dead Hang
A: 15 Box Jumps
B: Wall Sit
A: 15 TRX Push ups to Pikes
B: V-sit hold

Partner A Performs the number of reps for the A exercise while partner B holds the B exercise for the duration it takes partner A to complete the reps. Switch. Each partner completes 3 rounds of each exercise before moving onto the next set.


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