06-27-16 Monday

Skill: Box Jump Progressions

  1. Depth Jumps 2sx10r
  2. Tuck Jumps 2sx10r

Please watch this video to see some of the different techniques we are incorporating:

Tutorial: Box Jumps Progressions and Advanced Variations


  1. KB Slingshot (warmup) 3sx8r/side
  2. KB Side Lunges 3sx10r/side
  3. KB Sotts Press 3sx6r/side

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month:



Cash in: 5 Laps

MB Slam Burpees x15

HR Pushups x30

TRX Rows x45

Air Squats x60

Plank Jacks x75

Leg Lifts x90

Hip Thrusters x105

Cash out: 200 Single Skips


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