07-13-16 Wednesday


  1. TRX Lat Stretch – 15s hold x 3 Rounds
  2. TRX Rollouts 3sx10r



  1. KB Situp & Press 3sx10r
  2. KB Racked Squat 3sx10r
  3. KB Racked Reverse Lunge 3sx8r/side



Mile Track workout – or particular distance

1 Lap of each or particular distance

-Bag Push


-SA Farmer’s Carry

-SA Farmer’s Carry (opposite side)

-Broad Jumps

-Backwards Jog

-Walking Lunges

-Side Shuffle (Switch half way)

-Bag or Sled Drag

-Side broad jumps (switch half way)

-KB Rack Carry

-MB OH Jog

-Bear Crawl



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