07-15-16 Friday


PVC Lat Stretches

  1. Around the World
  2. PVC Out in Front and side to side


BB Rollouts 3sx10r


  1. KB Slingshot 3sx8r/side
  2. KB Tall Kneeling Press 3sx8r/side
  3. KB SA Clean 3sx8r/side


1,000 Rep Partner Workout

Buy In: 50 Skips/partner

x100 Pushups

x120 KB Russian Swings

x140 Abmat Situps

x160 TRX Rows

x180 Goblet Squats

x200 Squat Jacks

Cash Out: 50 Skips/partner

One partner performs the exercise while the other rests. Between the partners, must complete the total amount of reps for each exercise.


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