07-29-16 Friday


  1. PVC Lat Stretches 15s hold x 3rounds/side
  2. BB Rollouts 3sx10r



  1. KB Plank Row (Renegade row) 3sx8r/side
  2. KB Push-ups 3sx10r
  3. KB Lying Chest Press 3sx10r


Partner Workout: Total 100 Reps each Set

A: TRX Jump Squats x10

B: Wall Sit

Both 1 Lap

A: KB Push-ups x10

B: High Plank Hold

Both 2 Laps

A: Pull-ups x10

B: Hand Stand Holds

Both 3 Laps

A: TRX Tucks x10

B: V-sit Hold

Both 4 Laps


Partner A Works while Partner B hold the exercise. Complete 100 reps of exercise A between both partners followed by the laps before moving onto the next set.



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