08-05-16 Friday


  1. Warm-up: Arms Out/Chest Out 3sx10r
  2. YTA 3sx5r (all 3 is 1 rep)
  3. Negative Push-ups 3sx4r (5second negative w/ 5 second hold at bottom)



  1. KB Bob & Weave 3sx8r/side
  2. KB Double Lunge (front lunge to back lunge) 3sx10r/leg
  3. KB Single Arm High Pulls 3sx8r/side


Partner Workout:

4 Rounds each

A: 150 Skips

B: Super Planks

A: 150 Skips

B: V-sit hold

A: 150 Skips

B: Mountain Climbers

A: 150 Skips

B: Ankle Biters

Partner A performs the skips while Partner B holds or performs the second exercise. Once Partner A completes the skips, partners switch and perform the same routine. Complete 4 rounds of the set before moving onto the next set of exercises. Each partner should perform 4 rounds of the B exercises.


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