08-08-16 Monday


  1. Warm-up: Arms Out/Chest Out 3sx10r
  2. Forearm Plank 3sx45seconds
  3. High Plank Holds 3sx45seconds



  1. KB Slingshot 3sx8r/side
  2. KB Single Arm Clean & Press 3sx6r/side
  3. KB Bottoms up Press 3sx6r/side


Start with 2 reps of each exercise and increase by 2 reps each round. Complete 10 rounds total of:

  • TRX Squat Jumps
  • TRX Hip Thrusts/press
  • TRX Push-ups + Tucks
  • TRX Rows
  • TRX Skater Jumps (not each side)
  • TRX Rollouts
  • TRX Mountain Climbers

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