08-12-16 Friday


  1. Warm-up: Arms out/Chest out 3sx10r
  2. Y-T-A 3sx5r
  3. Negative Pushups 3sx6r (5second negative/5second hold at bottom)



  1. KB Halo 3sx8r/side
  2. KB Single Arm Situp 3sx6r/side
  3. Deck Squat 3sx8r


Partner Workout

A: Jump Rope

B: Lap x2

A: Box Jumps

B: Stairs x2

A: TRX Rows

B: Bag Push x25 yards

A: Pushups

B: Bear Crawl x25 yards

A: KB American Swings

B: Broad Jumps x25 yards


Partner will compete to see who can do the most reps during the A workout. While one partner is doing the workout A the other will be trying to complete workout B as quickly as possible. The partner that does the least amount during the A exercise will have to do 10 burpees! Complete set of exercises 2 rounds through.


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