08-26-16 Friday


  1. Warm up: Arms Out/Chest Out 3sx10r
  2. Y-T-A 3sx10r (all 3 is 1 rep)
  3. Negative Pushups 3sx10r (5 second negative/5 second hold at bottom)



  1. KB OH Warm-up 3sx8r
  2. KB Turkish Get ups 3sx5r/side


Partner Ladder

  • KB Thrusters
  • TRX Tucks
  • KB Pushups
  • KB Suitecase DL
  • Pullups

1,2,3….10 for each exercise

Partner A will start with 1 rep of the first exercise while Partner B rests. Once Partner A has completed the exercise Partner B will follow with the same exercise for the same number of reps. Both partners will follow this pattern until completing 10 reps of the exercise, then move onto the next exercise.


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