08-31-16 Wednesday


  1. Warm up: Arms Out/Chest Out 3sx10r
  2. Plank Taps 3sx15 taps/side (try the taps rotating over a box and taping both hands on each side)
  3. Incline Pushups 3sx15r



  1. KB Halo 3sx8r/side
  2. KB Straight Arm Sit-up 3sx6r/side
  3. KB SA OH Squat 3sx6r/arm


100 Jump Rope (single)

100 Jumping Jacks

90 Jump Rope

90 Crunches

80 Jump Rope

80 Air Squats

70 Jump Rope

70 Leg Lifts

60 Jump Rope

60 MB Slams

50 Jump Rope

50 Russian twist/side

40 Jump Rope

40 TRX Rows

30 Jump Rope

30 Plank Jacks

20 Jump Rope

20 Pushups

10 Jump Rope

10 Burpees


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