09-07-16 Wednesday


1. Ankle Mobility – Keep foot flat on floor by maintaining the arch of the foot & keeping the heel down. Then drive the knee forward toward a wall or box
2. Maximal Hip Spread – On hands & knees, spread knees out maximally. Sit back on heels then come forward rocking back & forth while maintaining normal arch in the back.
3. Single Leg Maximal Hip Spread – on hands & knees, reach one leg out maximally keeping inside of foot on the floor. Rock back & forth like previous stretch. Switch legs
4. Hip Scoops to Russian Baby Maker – In high plank, jump both feet forward into a deep squat with one foot on each side of the hands. Actively pull the hips down & forward. Jump back into high plank then repeat movement. Alternative: Standing, reach down & touch your toes, actively pulling the hips down and forward.

Please check out this video for all the movements:


1. KB OH Warm-up 3sx8r
2. BB Front Squat 3sx4r (75% of best weight)
3. BB Push Press 3sx3r (75% of best weight)

**Work up to 75% of your best weight then complete your sets**

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month. http://kettlebellsworkouts.com/kettlebell-exercises/


1min work / 1 min rest
– Rower
– Jump Rope
– Low Plank Jacks
– High Planks
– KB Thrusters
– Ball Slams
x 2 Rounds



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