12-21-16 Wednesday


Ladder Drill Variations

Down & Back = 1
x3 Rounds each

1. Lateral In, In, Out, Out
2. Quick Hopscotch
3. Two-Foot Lateral Hop


1. KB Goodmornings 3sx10r
2. KB Single Arm Swing 3sx10r/side
3. KB Bottoms up Press 3sx6r/side

A. Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month. http://kettlebellsworkouts.com/kettlebell-exercises/


Dumbbell Blaster
12 min. AMRAP
x5 DB Thrusters
x10 DB Bentover rows
x15 DB Swings (similar to KB Swings)

REST – 3 minutes

12 min AMRAP
x5 DB Renegade Rows/side
x10 DB Split Squats/side
x15 DB Bicep Curls
x20 DB Floor Chest Press


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