01-16-17 Monday

Skill: Nutrition Talk by coach


1. KB Halo 3sx8r/side
2. KB Single Arm Sit up 3sx6r/side
3. BB Thrusters 3sx5r (80% of best weight)

**work up to 80% of best weight then do all sets at that weight**

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month. http://kettlebellsworkouts.com/kettlebell-exercises


Sweat your way through the Alphabet
A: 15 Crunches
B: 25 Jumping Jacks
C: 10 Pushups
D: 15 Prisoner Squats
E: 30 Jumping Lunges
F: 15 KB Bicep Curls
G: 25 Mountain Climbers (per side)
H: 5 Burpees
I: 10 Superplanks
J: 15 Jump Squats
K: 15 Reverse Lunges (each leg)
L: 20 Crunches
M: 20 Hanging Knee Tucks
N: 15 TRX Tricep Presses
O: 15 Pushups
P: 20 Prisoner Squats
Q: 20 Jumping Jacks
R: 15 Superplanks
S: 20 Bicycle Crunches (per side)
T: 20 Jumping Lunges
U: 10 Burpees
V: 20 KB Bicep Curls
W: 10 Reverse Lunges (each leg)
X: 15 Supermans
Y: 15 Hanging Knee Tucks
Z: 5 Manmakers

You have 20 minutes to see how far down the alphabet you can reach. If you make it through the whole alphabet and time is remaining, go back to beginning and complete as much as possible.


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