02-24-17 Friday


1. Kossack Squats

2. Rotation Lunge & Twist

3. Duck Walks

4. Light Goodmornings or RDLs

Please check out this video for all the movements:



1. KB Kneeling SA Press 3sx8r

2. KB Two-handed Squat + Press 3sx10r

3. KB Snatch 3sx5r/side

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month. http://kettlebellsworkouts.com/kettlebell-exercises/


Partner Track Workout

– Lunges

– Farm Walk

– Plate OH Carry

– Broad Jumps

– Monster Walks

– Bear Crawl

x2 Rounds

One partner will perform the workout going around the track while the other runs around the track. Partners will switch when the running partner catches the other.


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