04-21-17 Friday


-Warm Up: Arms Out/ Chest Out

3s x 10r


3s x 6r (all 3 is 1 rep)

– Negative Push Ups

3s x 6r (5 sec Negative/ 5 sec hold at bottom!)



1. KB Halo 3sx8r/side

2. KB Single Arm Sit up 3sx6r/side

3. BB Thrusters 3sx5r (80% of best weight)

**work up to 80% of best weight then do all sets at that weight**

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month. http://kettlebellsworkouts.com/kettlebell-exercises


Partner 25 AMRAP

-BB Power Clean

-BB Rollouts

-Burpee Over Bar

Partner A will do work while partner B rest. Rounds will start at 1 rep each workout and go up by 1 rep each round!


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