Monday July 17th, 2017


-Depth Jumps 3sx5r

-Tuck Jumps 3sx5r

Please watch this video to see some of the different techniques we are incorporating

*Superset exercises*


1. KB Bottoms up Press 3sx8r
2. KB OH Walking Lunges 3sx10r/side
3. KB SA Plank Row 3sx6r/side

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month.


Flip A Coin Workout – 2 Rounds
Heads                              Tails
1. 60s High Knees          25 Jump Jacks
2. 20 Squats                    25 Calf Raises
3. 20 Wide Pushups       20 Narrow Pushups
4. 20 Mountain Climbs  20 Spiderman planks

5. 20 Jump Squats           20 Alternating Lunges/side
6. 30 Jumping Jacks        100 Jump Rope
7. 60s Plank                       20 Pushups
8. 20 side lunges/side      20 Plie Squats
9. 20 Bicycle Crunches     20 Situps
10. 20 Russian twists/side 20 Supermans


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