Friday October 13th, 2017


Plank variations

1. Plank w/ Alt. Leg lift – 2x45s

2. Knee to inside elbow (cross body) plank – 2x45s

3. Sphinx Plank Pushup – 2x45s


1. KB Halo 3sx8r/side

2. KB American Swings 3sx15r/side

3. KB Static Lunge & Press 3sx8r/side

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month.


Partner 4 CornersOn Track or Particular Area/distance

Between partners you must push a kickbag from corner to corner around the track/distance. At each corner the partners will stop and perform one exercise of the allotted number of reps for each exercise. Partners will go around the track 3 times switching when needed to push the bag and performing a different exercise at each corner.

Corner 1 x40 each exercise

  1. TRX Tucks
  2. TRX Rows
  3. TRX Squats Jumps

    Corner 2 x40 each exercise

  4. Ball Slams
  5. Russ. Twist
  6. Burpee Over MB

    Corner 3 x40 each exercise

  7. KB Goblet Squat
  8. KB SDHP
  9. KB GUSU

    Corner 4 x40 each exercise

  10. Push Ups
  11. Superman
  12. MT. Climbers/side

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