Monday April 2nd, 2018


Line Drills:

– Horizontal Jumps

– Alt Line Drill

– Lateral Jumps

– Lateral Cross Jumps

X3 Round

15sec work/ 30sec rest

(Complete each movement for the 3 rounds before moving on to the next)


1. BB Goodmornings 3sx10r

2. BB Clean High Pulls 3sx5r (90% of what your best weight for BB Cleans)

3. BB Squat Cleans (80% of your BB Clean High Pulls) 3sx3r

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month.


Deck of Cards!!! – 25 mins

Hearts = Burpees

Diamonds = Goblet Squats

Clubs = HR Pushups

Spades = V-ups


Something Special = Jokers

Red Joker = 3 Laps HVY Farmer’s Carry

Black Joker = 5 stair laps

Grab a deck of cards, include the jokers. Shuffle the deck and flip over one card at a time to reveal the exercise with the number of reps. All face cards equal 10 reps, aces equal 11 reps. All other cards equal the number reps. Once card is flipped over and exercise is completed, it is discarded from the rest of the deck. Try and get through the whole deck in 25 minutes.


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