Friday April 20th, 2018


Ladder Drills


-Slide Step

-Wide Hop


X3 Rounds

(complete all 3rounds before moving on to the next workout)


1. KB Halo 3sx8r/side

2. KB Single Arm Sit up 3sx6r/side

3. BB Thrusters 3sx5r (80% of best weight)

**work up to 80% of best weight then do all sets at that weight**

Please go to this website to view all the exercises that we will be doing throughout the next month.


Partner Workout (60s work/15s rest) x4 Rounds each; 30s transition time to next exercise. Groups can start at different stations to make sure there is enough equipment.

1. MB Burpee & Throw

2. Wall to wall MB Pass w/twist (wall sit while passing ball back & forth)

3. MB Plank (both partners plank on MB @ same time)

4. Burpee Jump overs (burpee then jump over partner while partner does low plank)

5. Throwing Leg Raises (one partner stands while other partner holds their legs and does leg raises. Partner standing grabs legs after being raised and throws them in various directions while partner on the floor tries to resist gravity)

6. Weighted Passing Twists (sitting on the floor, partners have backs together, pass a weight from one partner to the other in a twisting motion)


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