About Intensity

Intensity Group Personal Training

FitClub is proud to introduce our revolutionary Intensity Group Personal Training! This functional training program is perfect for groups of 6-12 participants, and is designed to deliver our members amazing total-body results in less than a few hours per week. Intensity training is challenging and fun! You and your fellow participants will experience a unique, high-intensity workout designed to increase flexibility, strength, balance, and cardiovascular conditioning. Intensity training follows a proven formula that engages all muscle groups in a 45-minute session that incorporates the latest in functional training and cardiovascular conditioning. FitClub Intensity training provides participants with complete metabolic conditioning, which causes increased calorie burn, even at rest, for up to 72 hours following each Intensity session. You won’t find a more effective and fun workout anywhere!

FitClub Intensity training is conducted by a master trainer, who in addition to being NASM certified, has also completed specialized education in group personal training. This allows us to provide our participants with the best workout with the highest level of personal attention possible, while also providing a supportive group environment where participants encourage one another to perform their best.

The best part about FitClub Intensity training is that it is for everyone! The exercises performed in Intensity training are scalable to every fitness level and our trainers will give you the guidance you need to help you get the perfect workout to fit your specific needs. Intensity’s team environment not only provides participants with a supportive and motivational environment, but it also allows participants to share the cost of the master trainer. This makes Intensity training a tremendous value when compared to traditional personal training!

FitClub Intensity training is currently being offered exclusively at FitClub North. All FitClub members are entitled to a free orientation and 14-day trial of this awesome new training program. If you would like to schedule your orientation and see for yourself why FitClub Intensity training is revolutionizing the way many of our members view fitness, please call FitClub North at (217) 788-8250.


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